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February 17, 2009


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Natalie Sztern

ya gotta stop those multiple posts...btw should have re-posted the recipe for those of us who are to lazy to look....

Natalie Sztern

scuse me 'multiple comments'...


Brenda sounds like a person who loves food


I think Natalie just defined irony here.


I know I am late to the party but have you ever considered MetroBurger? I'd never heard of it till I was visiting some friends in Akron, it's similar to Five Guys but there are more options. Really, Really awesome. If you ever have the chance you should try it out.

Dan D'Agostino

I forgot to mention that Bar Burgers always seem to be my favourite "type" of burger as well. I find myself very infrequently let down by a Burger on a bar/venue menu.

And seriously, if ever out in "the sticks" of Oberlin, do try the Feve for burgers. Either the Avacado Bacon Burger or the "Feve burger" (Jalapeno/bacon/cheddar).


OK I know where I'm going on Saturday afternoon!! The Feve it is!!! I've never pegged the Feve as a burger joint but I'm willing to try anything once.



I have such a HUGE crush on you Michael, that all you had to do was say my name! But, I won't turn down the t-shirt.

Thank you.


Oh Tots really?? that excites me!!
I probably shouldn't have openly shared that. Oh well.


If you meant mine as the veggie burger, I hope you noticed my comment below, which included the beef!!! I forgot to mention it in the original comment as it's just such a GIVEN in any good burger.

I just like a little veggie thrown in. Not much, just a bit.


Here's what Brenda wrote:
"Personally, I want to taste the cow.
My cow.
Freshly ground, not too finely, lots of fat with the beefy sirloin, 2 inch thick, flame grilled to a smokey char on the outside and juicy, beefy, rare interior.
Grilled, buttered onion bun of medium thickness.
A swath of fresh mayo, thick slice of sweet onion, fat slab of juicy, fresh tomato, (summer only) liberally sprinkled with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. If I am in need of more comfort than usual, I will apply several thick rashers of succulent bacon from my neighbors pigs.

If the fatty, beefy, bloody juice is not running down my chin and arms to my elbows, it isn't right! Must be at least a 4 napkin feast.

Now, I have made myself droolingly hungry and must go take the meat from the fridge and begin to prep!
Wish it were in your beautiful kitchen, congrats."
Wow. And, I though *I* loved cow (and pig).
Yep, she's a winner.

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I forgot to mention that Bar Burgers always seem to be my favourite "type" of burger as well. I find myself very infrequently let down by a Burger on a bar/venue menu.


Great description of the burger Brenda! and thanks for posting it DanaMC. I really love cows and pigs too. I love them sooooooo much I want them to live very long happy cow and pig lives.

Now back to my carrots...

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