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November 12, 2007


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Kristina Packard

Congratulations!!!! You will make an amazing Iron Chef. I have watched you since you were on Melting Pot. Your laugh is as true and honest as they come just like your food.
Best of Luck and continued success.

Mark Gehringer, Brecksville, OH


First off...congratulations on your win, but mostly for making the show more entertaining, and for painting Cleveland in a positive light. Did you time the show to appear the same weekend as the Fabulous Food Show? What a weekend! I knew you had it clinched when you were chosen as the winner week after week, and no judge in their right mind would eliminate someone solely on a bad final performance. Keep up the great work...Cleveland loves you.


Congratulations!! I really look forward to watching your matches on IC. I used to watch you on Melting Pot and thought you were great.

Good luck!


Way to make Cleveland proud, Michael! I look forward to enjoying your Tv run as much as I've enjoyed your restaurants.


Congratulations! It was so exciting seeing you standing in front of that giant portrait!

I hope you're planning to do a special dinner re-creating the menu from the battle (like you did with the "Battle Asparagus" menu). It would be cool to actually taste some of the dishes. I'm not a big fan of swordfish, but your dishes looked awesome. True "Iron Chef" stuff!


Way to make Cleveland proud, Michael! I look forward to enjoying your Tv run as much as I've enjoyed your restaurants.


Congratulations! What an honor for a seriously talented chef and a great plug for Cleveland! Best wishes in the future.


CONGRATULATION!!!!! I am so excited that you won, and I can't wait to watch your first episode!

And, please continue to blog to your hearts content :)


First off, congratulations. How exciting. Second, thanks for the influence you're having on my 14-year-old son. Since we started watching you compete he has become obsessed with cooking. He even made dinner after watching The Next Iron Chef re-runs last night. He's talking about culinary school!!! Good luck Iron Chef Symon.


Iron Chef Symon!!
Congrats on your win.....I watched all episodes and rooted for you the whole time. I knew it would end up between you and John..he was fantastic as well...but your passion laugh and sense of humor took you to the next level..as well as your food of course! Remember to always "punch, punch, punch!"


Chef Symon, Congratulations and thank you very much for your win! My husband and I had a (somewhat) friendly wager on the results and, though he has been a Besh supporter from the beginning, your performance toward the end of the competition especially put me solidly in your corner weeks ago. I am very impressed and only wished I lived in Cleveland, so I could go to your restaurant to celebrate! I'm really looking forward to your matches on ICA. Very impressive.


Congrats Chef! I was a pleasure to watch you cook again. Thanks for starting a blog, love your perspective on food (Pork rules!) and am eager to hear more from you and see you on Iron Chef. Also, I'm thrilled to see the new Iron Chef come out of the Midwest and Cleveland no less. Anything that elevates food and cooking in these markets is a great thing.



You have truly earned all of the praise and the title of Iron Chef!!! We LOVED watching you compete (my five year old recorded every episode and is STILL watching them!), and we were so thrilled that you won. You are a master at your craft, and we look forward to trying your masterpieces at Lola and Lolita!


Congrats Chef! Can't wait to see you do battle. Battle Offal!


So happy for you! All of your hard work, great attitude, spirit of camaraderie, sense of humor, imaginative cooking...you're the total package Michael and it's been great to watch your success. I almost feel like I'm a part of it myself and oh what a feeling!


My husband and I live in Kansas City now, but we are Cleveland transplants and huge fans of Lola, and we watched every single sunday to root you on. :) I did like, a happy dance when you won. We're so thrilled for you, and for Cleveland, and we're excited to see how you spice up Kitchen Stadium from here on out! Good Luck!!!


This is the kind of "Day After" feeling I had when my Redskins won Superbowl XVII.

Congrats to Besh too, for a battle hard-fought. You didn't beat the pants off of a guy who just fell off the turnip truck. Besh was serious good. You were just better good! Maybe there will be a grudge match?


Great work on the Iron Chef victory. You are the man. Love the food. I am sitting here at work at 10:23 am and my mouth is watering thinking about your Lolita Burgers. Great stuff.


Congratulations Iron Chef Michael, it was a pleasure and thrill to watch you compete and put our fine city on the culinary map !


Yay! You were my pick from the moment I saw you were in the competition!
I've not been to your restaurants, and the only time I have seen you in action was as a competitor on Iron Chef America, but your personality stuck with me.
Keep it up!


Great job, you deserve it. You've made Cleveland proud!


Hearty congrats, Chef Symon! I've long thought you should be a featured player on the Food Network, since your early days with them. And now you have quite the esteemed position as Iron Chef.

I'm looking forward to your future battles.


Congratulations, Chef Symon! You were my favorite from the first episode. I'm looking forward to seeing you battle in Kitchen Stadium more regularly! Enjoy your success!!!


Congrats--we needed that after the Browns/Pittsburgh game. My sister in Chicago and I were on the phone cheering for you the whole time. Great for you and great for Cleveland.

Craig Hatfield

Great stuff Chef Symon - you made us very proud and have put another stick pin on top of Cleveland on the world culinary map. Congrats and bacon to you, your wife and everyone on staff at both your incredible restaurants.

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