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April 21, 2008


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Awesome, looking forward to it as I always enjoyed the concept of DI but never liked the chef much.

Also, what happened to you as the newest Iron Chef America? I've never seen any new episodes since you won the Next Iron Chef show.


It's good to be you!


caz...i did 3 iron chefs in my first season..2 which have shown..i will being doing upwards of 10 battles in this coming season..thx, ms


Michael - what is the estimated date for opening Roast? Congratulations on all of the great news!


Wow, very exciting news! It's taken me weeks just to mesh schedules, meaning finally getting a reservation at Lola. Now you are expanding the opportunities to savor your exploits (there are no euphemisms in that statement!). Congratulations on the new opportunities, I hope you, and your family survives all the crazy hours I am sure accompany them.

Maybe I should send in a suggestion to do a Dinner Impossible show at Browns training camp.


Congrats on your new restaurant in Detroit! It's awesome to see you'll be part of all the great things happening downtown. The Book Cadillac is an amazing building, and I'm sure your food and the location will will make for a fantastic experience. Plus, "all that is meat" will certainly be a big hit in the D. Looking forward to it!

a librarian in the D

DETROIT! I love this town and hope you will, too. Can't wait to see what you will do with Roast.


Congrats! The DI chef was annoying! It'll be awesome to have you on the show. Hey you mentioned to a blog recently about shirts or something? Are you having Lola shirts made? Are they available somewhere for sale?


Congrats, Chef! It will be nice to catch you on the tube nice in a while, but now you've given me a reason to visit the Detroit casinos. I'm really excited to check out Roast!


Michael - WOW!!!! Congratulations on the show and new restaurant in Detroit, that is awesome news. I will definitely be tuning in from the West Coast.....Wishing you lots of happiness and success with everything..... You have done Cleveland PROUD (AGAIN)!!! Very cool.....


Congrats on getting the DI job, I think its going to be 100 times better with you as the chef. I had no problem with the other guy, but look forward to you on the show. Also when are you going to start selling the new T-shirts, I think I remember a blog about that not to long ago!

Again congrats!



That's great news! I enjoyed DI w/Robert Irvine and was disappointed with the outcome. Nevertheless, I'm so pleased that you'll be taking over. I appreciate your humor and I'm convinced you'll bring a great deal to the series. Well done, Chef.


Congratulations, Michael! I am so proud of you. I just made my husband watch the Cleveland episode of "No Reservations" earlier today and then I read this news this evening about your new show. Coincidence? I don't think so...

I have enjoyed your appearances on our local TV shows but I must say, the dorks on "Good Company" were a little more than I could bear so it will be great to be able to just see YOU in your own show! (gotta love Eileen and Fred, though.)

My husband and I get up to the casinos in Windsor and Detroit several times yearly, so I find the new restaurant venture exciting, as well. I hope to be able to visit soon.

I'm very proud of the loyalty you've shown to Northeast Ohio and I hope that you'll continue to prosper here. With all your past and recent success, you've continued to shine a lovely light on this area, only now the bulb just seems to be a lot bigger!



Good on you Michael and congrats! You deserve it; keep that coffee flowing I think you will need it.

Please oh please have Ruhlman and Bourdain as your commis on one episode. Charcuterie for 800 outside with only sterno stoves and easy bake ovens.

Paul DeLuca

Congratulations Michael! Well deserved! Looking forward to watching the new DI and we'll be making a road trip to Detroit for sure. Hopefully we'll still see you at Lola once in a while!

JoP in Omaha

Wow, Michael, what a busy guy you are! I'm tickled pink about the DI gig. I love the format, it'll be fun to watch you race to the finish, and I'm excited about the expansion to a one-house show. Awesome.

I'm glad we'll be seeing more of you on Iron chef.

And, congratulations on your new restaurant. Way to go!


Congratulations Michael! I was a big fan of Dinner Impossible and I'm so glad they decided to continue it and get you involved! Also happy to hear that it's going to be a hourlong show now so there's more time to see everything come together!


Never liked the host, but will definitely give DI another look.


Very cool! I was wondering if they'd find a way to rework the show after Irvine's 'departure' or if they'd scrap it. I love that we'll all get to see you pretty regularly now!! Very very cool.


Chef Symon representing Cleveland! Woohoo! You are the man. If I'm ever in Detroit, I will most certainly be visiting Roast. If it's half as good as Lola, it will be an absolute dream to eat at. Can't wait to see you on Dinner Impossible! I'm so excited! Oh and by the way, your new puppy is a cutie!


Congratulations Chef!

I'd love to see Ruhlman as a sous on one of those DI episodes, it would be a hoot to watch him sweat instead of sitting there judging for a change :)

Mark MacLeod

Things like this make me wish I didn't moved to AZ from Detroit. No. Not really, but I'll be sure to visit when I'm in town!


Awesome news for you, chef!
The new show and the new kitchen, fantastic.
Would love to apply for the charcutier position, when it comes around! I'm in Oregon, but it would be worth the move. Best wishes in your new endeavors, you'll be a busy man...(even busier!)

Natalie Sztern

I hope you have all the children u want now!!!
I can't imagine what life in ur house will be like....

stash it away while u can and good luck


I thought DI was a pretty stupid show, but I will definitely be looking for the new episodes - you should be able to make it realistic and fun.

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