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    April 18, 2008


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    Great dog Mike! My wife and I are coming out there this weekend to celebrate our anniversary at Lola, and we were hoping we could meet you, but as fellow dog owners/lovers we know what you're going through taking care of the lil' wonderdog.

    Good luck with him!


    he has been pretty easy so far..we have to other dogs also...mable and ruby...they are bullmastiffs and are 8 and its been awhile since training a

    Mark MacLeod

    That's a good looking dog. Approx. how big will he get when he's full-grown?


    Hi Michael!
    Your puppy is so cute ~ We have two English Bulldogs, which we love to death! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with you new addition....
    PS: I grew up in the Cleveland area, but live in San Francisco now......but my next visit "home" will definitely include a dinner at LOLA, cannot wait! I have heard some great things...


    mark he is a old english bulldogge..his mom is 60# and dad is 80#....compared to the bullmastiffs this is our "small" dog...he is already up to 60# so i think he may end up a little bigger than his dad...they are a little longer than a regular english bulldog but still pretty stout....great disposition with kids, other dogs, etc...and very much the someone who thought he would never have anything but a bullmastiff i am thrilled with the


    Ok... cuter....not possible.

    Cameron S

    I think I saw that dog playing one of the senior officers in the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars series. Nice dog!


    omg what a sweet little puppy! my fam has a Chihuahua named Pumpkin and she is about 3 yrs old. She is a sweetheart! not really an olde english bulldog but she is still a tough little critter. i hope to be seeing more of him!!

    jay bingham

    I hope the "big announcement" involves some time for walk-off wagers @ ECC. Hope to see you soon and best of luck as always.....Bing


    Don't tell me your new address because I may have to come and dognap Ozzy.


    Traci - I was out there this weekend. Had drinks and the most amazing Roast Date appetizer at Lolita, and the second best meal I've ever eaten at Lola (Sorry mike - the best was Greek easter in this small town in foothills of Mt. Olympus in Northern greece. The lamb was slaughtered the day before and the veggies were pulled right off the farm.)

    Go as soon as you can to Lola, it's amazing on every level (food, service, design, price, ambiance).

    Christina K

    Hope your new announcement includes Vegas news! My hubby and I take trips there every year and would love to see your stamp on the strip.

    Went to Lolita Sat nite for our anniversary dinner and I think I embarrassed him by how much I fawned over the meatballs dish (I'm known for coming home from work and rockin out meatballs sans pasta). Your dish was pure genius!


    I assume the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is you taking over 'DINNER IMPOSSIBLE?" Congrats. That should be a fun show. So you are doing this in addition to your Iron Chef duties??


    Does the announcement involve a recent job vacancy at a well known cable channel involving food?

    JoP in Omaha

    All I can say, having seen the news elsewhere is...AWESOME!!! Great news!!


    Whoooooo Hoooooo! That is some SWEET news!


    What kind of impossible dinner can you whip up for Ozzy the Wonderdog? Congrats....


    Are they gonna make you wear a KILT like your predecessor? LOL.


    (Also, is the Detroit News piece correct about the hotel deal? Enquiring minds want to know!)


    Like others, i saw the news elsewhere, congratulations. I can't wait to see the new episodes, maybe they need to do a buckeyes tailgate mission, after all, the Michigan game is at the shoe this year!


    Just saw your exciting news about you taking over the show - knock 'em dead! I'm sure you can bring your own unique spark to that format without making it so different that regular viewers complain!

    And that's a cute pup!


    Elizabeth Blake

    Hi micheal , I have 1 questions. Number 1 is bobby flay very nice. Your puppy is so cute.

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