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August 28, 2008


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Neal L.

Seeing you on FN is great. You and your sous chefs seem like really cool guys and the food that you come up with for these challenges so far looks top notch.
I hope that in the future we see you hosting a Greek cooking show. Those of us not from Cleveland who can't attend one of your cooking classes would enjoy it I'm sure.

Carole Cohen

All I can say is this one looked easier (only you know if this is true) than the dinner you had to make in Alcatraz. That one was mind boggling I have no idea how you pulled it off so well lol.

Chris M

Great show last night. I'm really enjoying watching it as I am about to enter the Culinary World in my own big way. As a former Naval Aviator, I am starting Phase II of my life, and have recently been accepted to L'Academie de Cuisine in the DC Metro area. I will be starting a new adventure of my own on Sept 22nd. I really enjoy your attitude and your way around the kitchen. Stay true to yourself, you're doing a hell of a job!



You're doing great! And yeah, that was not easy at all with regards to the subject matter.

Nancy Heller

I was watching you dis the chicken breast and said to the TV: "Chicken Fried Steak" - I thought for sure through the whole commercial break that they'd come back and you'd be making that. Looks like you did just fine without any of my bright ideas!

Looking forward to next week's show - looks like you will make a real tzimmes out of things!


i saw both episodes last week and LOVED the new DI. it's really a whole different show now and better in every way. what more can i say? i'm a fan and really appreciate your approach.


The only thing I don't like about the show, is that its only 30 min. long, I really would like to see the show spread out to an hour! Just my opinion, it goes way to fast as a 30 min. show. But other than that one small problem, I really enjoy the show!

JoP in Omaha

I'm loving the new DI. It's so much fun to watch you work...with lots of good humor all the while. In the past, I've wondered if the time element we see is true or if it's just "pretend" deadline. From what you wrote, it appears that the time window is very real indeed.

I love the dishes you come up with and would love to try some of them ... I'm particularly intrigued with the chocolate covered bacon you did in a previous episode. Chocolate - bacon, sweet - salty: sounds like a winner to me!

I agree with a previous post....this outta be a 60 minute show! I want to see more!!

Lindsay William-Ross

I'm really liking DI with you on as the host now. I'm bummed, though, that it didn't end up in the 60 minute format that you mentioned it would earlier. 30 minutes is too fast for viewers to really see everything that you're doing, and what ends up being given the shortest amount of time is the final product! I always think "Hey, there's only about 3 minutes left...that's not enough time to show us the food and the event and everyone's reaction!" It feels rushed and doesn't really honor your hard work and (what I'm sure is) delicious food. But loving the show and really appreciating your attitude and laughter and focus on the challenge. Fun tv!


Great show!! I'm with the other posters about the show needing to be 60 minutes. Your energy and creativity are the best and the food speaks for itself. Can't wait for the next episode.


I'm so glad to hear you're having fun with the project. That is the point of the whole thing right?


I really enjoy watching you and your sous chef on DI, I am looking forward to Wednesday. The only disappointment is that towards the end, it seems rushing, it would be great if it can be a 60 minute show.


Couldn't be a more enjoyable show, Michael. You've got such a great on-screen persona - and you seem no different on air than when you stop by a table at Lola to talk to we regular folks, etc... GENUINE. We love you in Cleve - I'm guessing the rest of the country isn't far behind...

Looks like the Cleveland episode is next week?

Tracie Bechke

Loved it!!!! Especially the Deviled Eggs!!!! Love watching you on T.V. I was born and raised in ( raised in Parma ) Cleveland and have eaten at Lola's. Your an Excellent chef and I can't wait to see more of you!!!!


I'm with those who want 60 minutes of Michael. :)

And I'm with you on the chicken thing. The skin is so crispy and savory that it might just be my favorite part of the bird! And you can't make chicken stock without bones.

Natalie Sztern

The only request I ask is that u get ur producer to have Food Tv Canada play your current shows...we are not in sync with the american Food Network; I doubt it will be a hard sell cept maybe the bucks involved...But hey we can start a petition no?


It seems as though there is something missing;

1) Michael gets the mission

2) Weeds start growing

3) In the bush

4) Event is a success

It seems like there needs to be a "chopping the bush" step in there for better transition.


I love the new improved DI. You're such a goon, which makes it funnier, and it seems you've really elevated the quality of the dishes from previous seasons.


You mentioned not yelling at your cook for a mistake he made, and I couldn't help wondering if you were taking a dig at the previous host of DI.

Also, I noticed you said you were searing meat to seal in juices. Surely you know that's a cooking fallacy.

I have to say you're fun to watch and I can tell the challenges are tough (I'm especially looking forward to next week's porkless challenge), but somehow the show makes it seem like you're breezing through everything. I don't know if it's the pacing, or the editing or what. Or maybe it's just because you aren't freaking out and yelling at people like you-know-who. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.


Chef, GREAT start to your run on Dinner Impossible. I think the show fits your style and it proves that chaotic situations do not prevent spectacular dishes! Continued success in all you do!


Yeah, FN advertised in the beginning that it was supposed to be expanded to 60 minutes!! What happened? It feels way too rushed and the ending is over before you realize it! I think you are doing fabulous, ignore the Irvine fantatics, they are bitter he is gone and taking it out on you!

Chef Norville

Irvine owns DI.


FN owns DI. Irvine owns a sullied reputation from which I honestly hope he can battle back - because I like him too.



I have been a avid fan of yours since The Next Iron Chef. You stood out from the rest because you were always true to your roots and your way of doing things. You also liked to push the "buttons" of the judges lol. When I heard that you were doing DI I started to do the HAPPY DANCE! Cus well who better than "Mr. Pork" himself *Grins* I Hope you find happiness in this new production and always have a blast at doing what you love.


Amanda aka Bellahecate
from Baltimore, MD

Chef Norville

@Francis. FN owns the RIGHTS to DI.

But Irvine owns the show.

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