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August 19, 2008


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michelle v

Can't wait until 10 p.m. - congrats!!


Looking forward to the show Chef.

JoP in Omaha

I saw the "sneak peak" episdoe a few weeks ago, and I loved it. So much fun to watch you do what you do. I'll be watching tonight for sure!


I'm glad that they're re-running the Boardwalk episode since I missed it first time around.

Are you doing anything at your restaurants to celebrate? Jon Sawyer is recreating the Alcatraz menu at Bar Cento tonight. Wish I could be there...

Matthew Pietsch

Wow - Alcatraz and Michael Symon all in the same spot - Move over Al Capone, there's a new outlaw in town! I'm anxiously awaiting the episode - Best of luck chef!! -

When will interviewing/hiring for Roast commence??? My calender has been marked for the last six months!!!!


Can someone tell me a little about David Lowe? That name is so familiar - where has he worked in Cleveland?


Oh yes---Alcatraz! I remember being stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco way back in 1969. You could see the old prison from the Army base. At that time, some Native Americans had taken over the small island.

Quick question. What kind of food did Native American "Indian" tribes make. I am really curious about that.

Good Luck on Dinner Impossible


I love that DirecTv shows their stuff out here in the west coast at the same time as the east coast sees it(7pm PST for me). Really looking forward to it and the laugh for sure!


Great show Mike
Your Cleveland accent and "get the job done" attitude was great. Dr. Fred says hello.

Steve Flannery


It was fun to see you cook! Your food presentatioin was great. Looking forward to the next episode.

J. R.

Dude... Absolutely fantastic! I would love to see an hour-long edit. I am very much looking forward to the remaining episodes. Congrats!

Steve K.

What a cool opening to the show. I only got to see the first half due to work, (yes...third shift stinks!), but I'm looking forward to catching many other episodes. And yes...veggies are only good when wrapped in bacon!!! Good Luck Chef!!!


Haha, tell us what you *really* think of people who like vegetables?!? Hilarious! Budget? What budget? My whole family watched and the kids loved you (and my daughters are 6 & 11). We are looking forward to the whole season!

Neal L.

Great show. The vegetarians didn't exactly get punished by those tin cups though. Unless your idea of punishment is risotto that is covered with black truffle. I might have turned veggie for just that one day.


Chocolate Covered Bacon!!'nuff said! Loved both episodes


I found myself so hungry by the time both episodes were done...the food looked awesome! They sure loved keeping you on edge didn't they!

Keith P

My wife and I left the Indians game early to get home in time to catch the show! Missed the ending to a good game, but saw the beginning to a great NEW season. Michael, you and your team did a wonderful job. We went to bed starving last night. Headed to Bar Cento tonight to see Jonathan again. Love Lola and Bar Cento to death. Keep up the good work.

Live to cook? Live to eat!

Scott R

Loved the Alcatraz show, just wished there was more time so we could see more of the serving/eating/commentary.

Keep on bringing the good stuff!!!!


You're the goods Michael, Love you and I am glad to see someone who deserves much success finally get some. The show is good, but I could do without the silly imposed drama the producers try to create. You're a professional chef for the love of pete... I think it is enough for them to put you in some strange places and see what you can come up with. If I wanted drama, I'd have the shows creative team divided into teams and try to cook half as well as you do. Then the loser would be put in a sack with a snake, gorilla and a badger the top would be tied and thrown into the nearest river. That being said Michael... Make the show your own, not what some no talent ass-clown thinks is entertaining.


Alcatraz was great. Now, if I only know exactly how you did the wrapped asparagus appetizer!


Michael....My 11 year daughter, Audrey recorded the Dinner: Impossible episode so that we could watch it together. We were diehard fans of The New Iron Chef competition and could hardly contain ourselves when you won! My first experience at Lola in Tremont came after making your macaroni & cheese from a recipe out of a Stop & Shop magazine of specialties from local restaurants. I still make it a few times a year and the family LOVES it! I have a friend in town from California this weekend and will make the drive from Southern Ohio to Cleveland so that we can dine at Lolita. The anticipation is more than I can stand! We look forward to seeing more of you on Food Network and hope that someday we'll get the chance to attend a class!


It was GREAT... The pace was good, the food looked awesome, the quote about the vegetables was classic!

Looking forward to more!


Is this online anywhere? I dont think I can wait for the Food Network up here to pick it up.

/Chef Symon you rule, been a fan since Ruhlman started poking around your kitchen.


Loved that you came to my hometown and rocked it! It was fun watching other people trying to run through the city and navigate traffic. Never easy. Your comments on veggies was classic.... guess we should have warned you about the whole California veg-love thing huh?

Keep 'em coming!

TraciJ from CA

@NancyH - Here's what I know about David Lowe:

Chef David Lowe, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He worked in Manhattan after graduation at the famed Union Square Café and currently works for Premier Produce in Cleveland. He is a Staff Instructor and has been teaching at Laurel Run Cooking School for 5 years. (Not sure how current this info is)

He is also here with Jonathan Kish: http://www.kishculinary.com/index.html

I used to work with Jonathan and David at the Inn at Turner's Mill in Hudson in the 90's and I believe he had his own BBQ business along the way.

Hope this jogs your memory....

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