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August 02, 2008


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LOVE Donna's photos! You have to enlarge them (click on them) to fully appreciate them.

Sounds like an awesome night - wish we could have been there. Well done Lola and Chefs!

Chris Neill

Wow that sounds fantastic. Sorry I missed it.. she may be no "Iron Chef" but I have a big, warm place in my heart for Karen Small and her food.

Did Jill Vedaa drop by or do any cooking? Inquiring west-coast minds want to know..


I too think Karen is a amazing chef. She is like Clevelands own Alice Waters. Jill did not do anything with the dinner. She is a great young chef but we had such a big group of out of town chefs that we ranout of room!!...MS


Congratulation Chef and all the Chefs, and Lola crew.
Amazing success for a great couse. Great menu, even the hors douevres are making my mouth watery right now.
I wish I was there, maybe next time, right chef?
Awesome !!

Neal L.

Wow! That's quite a lineup. The food sounds absolutely fantastic. When you have kids especially, a cause like SOS gives that extra little tug on your heart strings. Nice one Chef.

Antonio Hernandez

I was introduced to your restaurant from my favorite show Anthony Bourdains "No Reservations" I know I wont get the same treatment as Markey Ramon and Anthony Bourdain, as I will be visiting your town on a business trip the week of Aug. 17th thru 22nd. My first stop will be Lola to enjoy your contemporary cuisine and hopefully meet you.

Thank You

Antonio Hernandez


Ooooh, too bad Donna didn't take pictures of the food, too. Or maybe she did and is keeping them all to herself? ;)

Tom B

You might be surpised, Antonio... Everyone gets treated pretty well at both of Michael's restaurants, and it's also pretty likely that you'll find him there (unless his business takes him elsewhere). Just say something to your waiter or flag him down - in my experience, he's the friendliest guy you'll find in the restaurant business and would love to say hello to someone who has traveled from a far. He's even pretty likely to oblige you in a photograph, if that's your thing.


Ok, first of all, I don't know how to properly greet you (how you would prefer) Chef, Chef Symon, Michael.......

Anyway, I had the pleasure to meet you once when you came into the restaurant I was working. Actually, I made your lunch and was so nervous to even come out and say hi, which I got the nerve to finally do so, but let alone actually have a conversation with you.

You are a true inspiration to me and am working hard on hopefully one day being able to work with you. (believe me, I'm trying hard to, but none of your people want to leave, giving me a chance to get in!)

Again, you're amazing!



My oh My oh My oh My oh My oh My oh My oh My!

What a wonderful tasty octet of dishes available for eating.

"crispy pig ears" sounds diabolically delicious.

A little food for knowledge on the power of eight:

"The octet rule says that atoms tend to gain, lose or share electrons so as to have eight electrons in their outer electron shell. ..."

new balance

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Juicy Bags

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