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September 22, 2008


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vicky leader

Chef Michael,
Although I have no formal training in the culinary arts, I live by the food network. I was rooting for you in the next Iron Chef, and soooo happy your now doing Dinner Impossible. Robert was a sore sport who couldnt have fun. You bring humor in a very stressful situation. I dont miss it on wed. nights! My son who is 10 plays Chef when we bake together. Its a riot. You bring a great balance between humor and love for your career. so wonderful to see. I would love love love to meet you in person and even be a prep slicer and dicer for you anytime!!! Buffalo,NY loves ya Michael!! home of the wings!! love to have you here sometime!!! i enjoy watching you!! keep it up! couldnt be a better addition to DI!!! please feel free to write back gofastrw2@roadrunner.com. my dream is to open a diner.. simple foods like we're used to here, but homemade.. nothing from a can or box!! love your feedback!! I'm a nurse looking forward to the cooking for docs and nuses from the Er!!

Debbie Foster

I did appreciate your advice concerning my son attending the CIA in Hyde Park, it does help to make the decision. He's been pretty stoked about this for a couple of years now and has worked for some well known chefs and restaurants here in Vancouver, Canada...but none of them attended the CIA. I did appreciate your input and kindness in getting back to me - we'll be waiting for your book when it comes out.

Best of luck to you in your endevours!


Hi Michael, I just want to say that I think you have one of the best personalities I have ever seen. Im sure that you are different at home then you are on TV somewhat, but I think alot of someones real self shines through with whatever they are doing. You have such a great energy and always seem to be smiling and laughing. I couldnt imagine anyone not wanting to be around you. Your wife is very lucky!! Anyway, I just love what you are all about and thank you for bringing that light, fun, not too too serious personlality to what you do on TV. Everytime I see you on, by the end of the episode I am smiling too. Thanks for that!!


Oh..... and if you ever come to Ketchikan, Alaska let me know. I know that Robert Irvine came last year to do the cruise ship episode, poor guy, lol. Anyway, I would really like to meet you if you ever head north. There is lots of seafood here in KTN to cook with too, and we do have bacon!!


Chef Norville


Caught the ICA "Halloween" episode last night. Michael took on Chris Cosentino (no easy feat). I wasn't really paying much attention. I was even kinda annoyed that they were doing a holiday show. I'm watching the intro and I'm a bit impatient. "Yeah, yeah ... get on with it." I'm saying. "The theme ingredient is, what? Lemme guess -- PUMPKIN? Don't waste my time."

Man, was I ever wrong. They unveiled the theme: OFFAL. Wow ... just ... wow! What a stroke of genius.

I won't spoil it with the particulars, but I was also gobsmacked at Michael's ability to speak at length and in depth on the subject; like he cooks testicles, trotters and tripe every day.

I gotta be honest -- Smith & Wesson don't make a gun BIG enough to force me to eat some of those things, but I found the episode utterly fascinating.

Dan D'Agostino

Mike, it's like Braylon said ... it's a whole new season.
I am loving the fact that you are all over Food Network these days. Living in Calgary, Alberta, I gotta say, it feels good to get a little piece of home every now and then.

Neal L.

Jeez! You just beat Cosentino in Battle Offal and you're still talking about Philly. I'm hungry chef. Hungry for an update.

lillian kuts

WOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE ON TV. You seriously are a CELEBRITY now! I record like every episode of DI. It's so amazing! I love it. You are really creative as well!!! I don't understand how you can come up with these great fantastic meals under sush extreme pressure. They come out to be these beautiful meals! And wow you have such a great personallity but professional, you crack me up. And whenever i am at the gym and I see you on the tv screen I start screaming! haha it's kinda funny because people start staring at me. Its so amazing that you have gone this far with your career. You really have inspired me. I love to cook. I cook all the time for my family and friends. I don't understand how you even have time to blog and be on tv. I think that it is so kind and great of you!! I really don't know how you do it.I've got to say job well done! You really made your dreams come true and probably beyond what you thought you can possibly do. that's what inspires me alot,. And thank you so much for being someone special in our town CLEVELAND OHIO!! Can you please be so kind and email me at lily1305@sbcglobal.net


Chef Symon-
My wife and I love the new DI. My parents love it too but have to use the DVR. They're usually asleep by 8:30. At your FN show at the IX on Sunday the 16th look for a hungry looking gray-haired woman of 60 in the 3rd row or so. My Mom (and Dad) bought tickets before they found out she has cancer (stage 1-Doc is positive about the whole thing). Anyway, her procedure/surgery is the Monday the 17th and she is only to eat broth/liquids the day before at their big day out at the FN show to see you. LOL she is bringing a doggie bag she says. I hope she still has a good time despite the next days event for she is really looking forward to meeting/seeing you in person.


We are planning a weekend in Cleveland, just to go to Lolas. We live in Maryland and we are flying there Nov 15 - 16. We're huge fans, can you tell?
Your fans, Puna and family


a QUESTION (for xmas)
What should one look for when buying a pressure cooker? I'm sure you can't recommend a brand, but I do see everyone use them on Iron Chef and wanted to try my hand at one. Thanks for your help.
-Tyler (Chicago)


I wish Robert Irvine was still doing this show. You do not have the skill nor charisma to match him. You are boring and your tasks are much easier than his...and you still can't do them right.

The ratings are bad for your show. It is best for you to step down "iron chef."

Chef Norville

I gotta jump in here, because I too (like "Panzer") preferred the Irvine version of DI and I stated it bluntly. I just thought it was a better showcase for Irvine's style and the at-least-once per episode meltdown (it must have been in his contract) provided high drama and comedy at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if they whispered to the camera man: "Psssst ... go ahead and tip over that tray of pastries" or something.

However, that is where me and Panzer DECISIVELY part company -- Michael is a PHENOMENALLY talented, inspired and resourceful chef. I never once denigrated his obvious talents. After the Halloween show, he might be the only person on earth would could get me to try "thymus".

I couldn't beat him making oatmeal with a three-day headstart. I look forward to seeing much more of his work.

pat sheerin

Hi Chef,

Was wondering if you knew where your cook got the cucumber cup maker that you guys used for the ceviche on the street cart edition of DI?

thanks and please pass my regards to Jeff at Roast.

pat sheerin


My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary at your new Detroit restaurant ROAST. It was outstanding( so was our waiter Greg). We are big foodies we love cooking and eating great food and wine. At ROAST we tried 3 dinners (roast beast of the day (young pig) the roasted leg of lamb and a wonderful strip steak. Would love to know if you are ever going to be in Detroit we would love to meet you. Have you ever consider serving the beat salad with goat cheese warm?


Another native Philadelphian weighing in to say I like the whiz!!! First Wildwood NJ, now Philly, look out, you are becoming an east coaster.


Absolutely amazing...


I've just recently started watching Food Network, and after seeing you a few times on Iron Chef & Dinner Impossible, all I have to say is...

You sure are cute. ;)


I heard that Robert Irvine has been forgiven by Food Network and hired back. Does this mean you won't be on Dinner Impossible anymore?

Chef Norville


Hey, I really admire Michael Symon, but Irvine's temperament nudged "Dinner: Impossible" into high drama. And that was no accident; the premise was tailored for him from the beginning. I agree with everyone who said that Symon is a MUCH better all-around chef -- indeed ... no contest there, I even liked the quip someone made calling Irvine a "country club" cook. But, so what? That just made him a bit more accessible to us common folk.

Michael will not only land on his feet, but will storm the Food Network Bastille! It's impossible to dislike the guy. There isn't a shred of arrogance and ... he likes bacon. He's going to get a show that is going to cater directly to his strengths. Bank on it.


I was right. Irvine will be back hosting Dinner Impossible for six shows starting next year.


We've missed you, well I've missed your posts. You are so talented, down to earth and likable. I hate the thought Food Network is considering that pompous ass, Robert Irvine, back for Dinner Impossible. You are without a doubt much better than his little beaver face was in that position. If he does get "forgiven" by the network, I will no longer watch that show but look forward to your blog input and American Iron Chef. You rock!

Adam Kay


I love the show! One of my favorites was the Passover episode. Actually I had an idea for a show possibly for you. I am a law student at Michigan State University College of Law, during Final Exam Week things get crazy and they bring in all sorts of food to the Law Building for students because things get unbelievably crazy and sometimes students forget to eat. I was thinking it would be unbelievable to have you film a show at the school. Definitely would give you a variety of items to make as well as give you a time crunch for all of the law students. Furthermore, it would be an unbelievable little bonus for us law students stressing out during final exams, it would give us such a great reward. Hopefully you read this. Thanks again for such a great show!


Nancy Heller

Hi Michael!

I've tagged you in a blog game. Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.



Dear Chef Symon,

(AKA Screaming Mimi, Bald-headed Freakazoid from Cleveland as per Anthony Bourdain)

Philadelphia TRULY is your sort of city.

It's AMAZING what we have here; and not just cheesesteaks, (with Provolone), and hoagies.

We have ALL sorts of cuisine and we NEVER stand online to eat because there is always somewhere else to go.

I hope you should open a "Lola" East here.

As one who spent my college years near Cleveland, (Oberlin, Ohio), I lament that I did not know the culinary scene there at that time and you were not cooking there.

You are a truly gifted cook and would be well lauded here.



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