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February 11, 2009


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Laurie (Moo!)

I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a true "fur kid". At least her pain is over and Ruby & Ozzy look like they'll try to pick up the slack.


Awww man - I'm sorry Mike over yoru loss of Mable. She's a beautiful girl (reminds me of my pit mix, though she's a helluva lot bigger). Ruby and Ozzy (man he got big) look great!


Sorry for your loss, Mable was a beautiful dog.


Ooh, it's terrible to lose a beloved pet. I lost my Sandy back in September--had her for 14 years, longer than my marriage--so I do understand. So sorry for your loss.

oscar Bartos

So sorry to hear that. I know that sad feeling all too well.


Awwww. My sister had bullmastiffs for years. Big, giant, slobbery cuddlebunnies. Sorry you lost your girl. :(


So sorry, that's incredibly difficult.


Mike and Liz,
Sorry to hear about Mable.

Mark MacLeod

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. It's hard to lose a family member.


Mike and Liz...Sorry to hear about losing such a loved one in your family

Alice Dickson

Michael & Liz
Sorry to hear the sad news. I remember playing with her as a teeny pup in then, Lola. I'm giving Baxter and Cotton an extra hug.
Love Alice

Eileen and Ray (Youngstown)

We tearfully share in your loss. So difficult to lose our four legged loved ones. We too, went through that in November, lost our Kitty-Granddaughter of 17 years. Tears shed are only because we loved them so, as they did us. Our hearts ache for the void you feel. You are great, cause Mabel was loved. Here's a hug.

Eileen and Ray



I was in Cleveland for the blizzard on business for two weeks last month, so I couldn't get to Lola due to the weather. However I loved driving in deep snow on a controlled slide to visit my birthplace and all the houses I lived in, and meeting with local Cleveland folks who I think are the friendliest on Earth.

I lost my Afghan Hound last year. She was my only companion in a big house for 13 years. Let's just say we were codependent and we communicated.

I perhaps could have helped both you and I by sharing all the stories of goofy things our dogs did when they were with us making us happy.

I'm trying to adopt in the Afghan rescue program here in Atlanta in honor of my prior three, and there is a litter of puppies planned for this summer that I'm first in line for two.

Great dog days are ahead for both of us. Great human days are ahead also. Get back on that bicycle.

-- TomH


I'm so sorry to hear about Mable. It's such a difficult thing to go through. :(

jacqueline church

so sorry.

Cameron S.

I would trade in my human years if I could let my beloved dog to live as long as I will. He is 8 now and still seems strong. I am so sorry to hear about your loss - I love dogs of all kinds.

Ruby Train

Hey Ski - Sorry to hear about Maybs, pal. She's a sweatheart. Give Lizzie my love - Ruby


Mike and Liz
I don't know you, but i understand what you are going through. We lost our boxer George Foreman last week to a heart ailment. I am sure you fond memories and your lovely Ruby and Ozzie will help you through this


I'm really sorry to hear about Mable. Seems we always have to say goodbye too soon.


oh i'm so sorry about mable.


Just lost my own 5yr old bullmastiff (Mac) last week. Words fail me... but truly sorry for your loss.

Ed Kreczko

Michael and Liz.

We are truly sorry for your loss. We went through that experience just two weeks ago. Pets are family. I know you and Liz will miss her very much.

tyler timko


Saw the picture of Mable and thought I was looking at my own almost 10 bullmastiff Jenna. Did you get her from a guy named Micah in Akron? I think our dogs were from the same litter. I'll send you a pic when I upload one. They look the same and I have never seen a bull that looks like mine. Always thought she might have been a mix...


Oh Chef..... so sorry to hear this.

Even belatedly - my sympathy.

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