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February 18, 2009


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Dan D'Agostino

I've seen many a "Throwdown" and Flay (more often than not) always seems to squeeze out a victory just when you think he may be beat ... I would assume his golf game would be the same as his cooking.


Well this should be a very interesting SOBE this year - looking forward to Sunday's demo!


If you ever need to practice your ball striking, my family owns a driving range in the Cleveland 'burbs and I would gladly fund your golf addiction.


i'll kick both your asses and might fly down to do it. miami springs cc is a great course or i can get us on doral. greg norman's white course is good.

sounds like you need some short game - lol! BOGEY? PAR?

where's the birdies holmes?!

michael symon

vincent...id be more than happy to take you money..lol

We played Indian Creek...nice William Flynn trek

I cant stand Doral...it may be the most over rated course in America...especially with those nice five and a half hour rounds!!!

My short game is shakey right now..havent played since september...give me a week then bring you checkbook!!!......thats Symon with a Y!!...lol


All I can say is... I'm SO glad you've gotten back into your blog, Chef Symon. Next question: Are you on Twitter? Let me know:



I've never understood the South Beach attraction. I guess I'm more of a backwater kind of girl. You know, finding the perfect cuban diner in Miami or the best cuban coffee stand. That sort of thing.

My very, very FAVORITE place to eat in Miami, though, is Shorty's BBQ. Fan freaking tastic food, simple atmosphere. Try it next time y'all are there!

Matt from Lyndhurst


Thanks for sharing this story. Food and Golf are two of my favorite things in life too. Unfortunately, living in Cleveland, I haven't swung a club since last September. I sure can't wait for the Spring!

BTW, the wife and I had dinner at Lolita last Friday. Everything was amazing.


I was at the Best of the Best last night and had the pleasure of tasting the beef cheek pergoie - fantastic - but even more impressive was that it was very hot.
By about 8 p.m. - literally standing room only and was a full blown foodie extravaganza.

Mark Lawrence

Darn - I wish I could make the drive from Palm Beach down to see the Sunday festivities! So close....but..oh well - next year, I'll free this weekend up plenty in advance!

Lou Ann Cushman

Michael Symon - wow - you are involved in all kinds of exciting things - wondering how you and Liz are -please give her my best
Still think of her living in Marblehead, Ma. We are still here. Glad to see Lola and Lolita still doing well - great to see the pics on your blog
nice kitchen - Liz has always had great taste. Do not get to Cleveland to often - do you get to Boston? All the best

michael symon

lou..give me a email at [email protected] let to get your number and catch up....liz and i talk about you all the time..hope all is well..ms


Michael, my husband and I drove over to Lolita between events at the US Figure Skating Competition last month. Everything was wonderful.

PS - Tell Anne Burrell she cracks me up. I could swear she used the term "hocker" describing her eggs in one show. LOL LOL. Did she or am I just crazy?


Chef Symon, My mom is heading into the Cleveland Clinic for a serious surgery to try to remove all of her cancer. While we are there for several days, my husband suggested going to one of your restaurants. Hopefully, we can get there. The menus sound great! I love watching your shows on Food Network. Can't wait to try the food! This will help cope with my mom's surgery for several days before a break!

Matt W.


I got taken to Lola by my family for my birthday this weekend - I was so blown away. One of the best meals I've ever had, and well worth the drive up from C-Bus. Everyone on the waitstaff who served us were incredibly helpful and friendly, and the meal was fantastic. Thank you and your entire crew so much!


Michael...nice to see you blogging again!

So what are your favorite Cleveland courses? Mine include Little Mountain, Manakiki, and Sleepy Hollow...

Paula Thorngate

We are really looking forward to New Dinner Impossible episode. My daughter and I love to watch you. She says you remind her of Vin Diesel.

Miami Hotels

i also would gladly fund your golf addiction.i used to have some in orlando.than i moved to miami and i had to let it go.but it still burns inside.

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