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February 24, 2009


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Dan D'Agostino

Awesome! I know two people who will LOVE that as a birthday gift! (and one of their birthdays is November 3!!)
Here's the amazon.ca link for any Canucks out there as well ...

Dan D'Agostino

It's actually the exact same link except .ca instead of .com ... hahaha

J. R.


Congratulations on the book! Perfect timing, too, to be a 10th Anniversary gift! When it's rolled out you should do an ICA either with or vs. Ruhlman!


JoP in Omaha

That's soooo cool! I can't wait. I wish we didn't have to wait so long, but I'll enjoy anticipating the fun I'm gonna have with this book. You made my day!


Any chance you will be doing a book signing in Cleveland Mr. Symon?

michael symon

oh yeah...fo sho..ms


Sweet! From the moment I read about you in The Soul of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman I have been patiently waiting for you to put a book of your own out...YAY! Congrats!
By the way.. any chance at all you'd have a signing in Arizona? That would be my DREAM COME TRUE!! :)

Natalie Sztern

Mazel tov and Symon-tov....Pronounced with a small i as in "in")!! really great - tween your book and the ruhlman book i will be owing my amex a fortune!!! all good tho


I don't buy to many cookbooks, I only own two White Heat by Marco Pierre White, and Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook, but I will be pre-ordering this book on Friday!


I've already ordered my copy off of Amazon - hope many more will... it'll be Nov before you know it...

Eric Ewald

Congrats on completing your book! Can't wait to get hold of it. Celebrating my fiancee's birthday at Lolita on Friday night and I have no idea what to get her...how bout swingin by (I've spotted you cruising by in the past...)? If not, keep coming up with great food and we'll keep eating it!! Thanks! e.e.


Hey Chef, I just had to come by to thank you for the lovely Roast in Detroit.

Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. The original plan was to come to Cleveland and Lola (we live in Toledo). But as it happened, RENT was playing at the Detroit Opera House, so we took our eldest (a culinary student) and his girlfriend along for the show, and met up with friends after the show to give Roast a try.


In a word: spectacular. The crispy fresh bacon nearly killed us with its rich, velvety texture, and the contrast between the bacon, haloumi and pickled tomatoes was startling and refreshing.

My smoked pork chop was moist and appetizing, hubby's gorgeous strip steak was a work of art, Eldest's braised lamb shank had us all in tears with its tenderness, and the artful combination of lemon roasted chicken with arugula, chick peas and yogurt had Eldest's girlfriend writhing with delight.

That last was especially gratifying. We're a family of food whores, living and dying for the next awesome dinner. Girlfriend is from a family of simple tastes and often is rendered confused and a little uncomfortable by our passion for good food. Roast made her nervous. Then that lovely plate of chicken was set before her, she tucked into it...and that was it.

Roast won the day. She was bowled right over, and has already shyly asked if we can do it again!

We still plan to visit Lola! But in the meantime, please let your staff at Roast know that they did a bang up job, and have managed to convert a nervous teenager to the joys of food lovingly prepared.

Dan D'Agostino

Speaking of food books, did you ever read Jacques Pepin's "The Apprentice"? I LOVE it!


That is GREAT news. I loved the demo at SOBE. It was beyond informative and got some great pics from there. Guess that woman will never make a face when thinking of egg whites in a cocktail...

John G. Donlin

Michael, nice to have met you @ the Iron Horse
last weekend as well as your wife. I had given you my business card. I look forward to getting your new book as well. Have an idea for a Dinner
Impossible which would happen in 2010 in Oct.
Look forward to any comments. I'm a
graduate of the University of Wis, Stout, Menomonie, Wi 1980 Hotel & Restaurant Mgt
Gave you my businees card.JD

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