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February 12, 2009


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celina marquez

Hey Mike I love you so much i think you are handsom and very talented. :D


Yes, I'm late with this. :-)

I like a nice juicy bar-style burger best.

Put it in a whole wheat bun because white bread isn't robust enough. Toasting the bun is best IMO. I don't like sesame seeds on the bun, although corn meal on the bottom adds a pleasing bit of texture.

Top the burger with Bermuda onion, bacon, crumbles of Roquefort or Gorgonzola, and a dollop of made from scratch mayo.

You can vary this a bit by adding very thin slices of fresh Jalapeño too.


I've noticed my sexy Michael has shaved off the hair under his lip and has lost a lot of weight. My brother shsved the rest of the hair off his head yesterday. Get the picture? Are you okay? I'm praying you are and will be for a very loooooooooooooooooooong time. Your motherly fan (72 years young).

the Pot-Head

I couldn't agree more, few things in this world are as heavenly as as a juicy, chin dribbling burger with all the amentities including a cold pint of weiss while seated at the bar of a local eatery. My Ideal burger is a 50/50 ratio of ground chuck and sirloin a good burger seasoning ie. salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, cayenne is essential. Pattied to fit just over the edge of a Portuguese bun airy enough on the inside to let the meat take center stage. However it's also essential to have a slightly crusty exterior to ensure it doesn't turn into mush because of the burger juices. Grilled med. rare every good burger has cheese I personally like pepperjack. I go light with the toppings it's about the burger after all. Bacon (everything I make has bacon in it), spicy pickle and onion. I never use mayo, mustard or especially ketchup I like to taste the seasoned, juicy, burger, smokey, bacon, crisp, onions and pickle. Excellent contrast with the soft bun and burger.

Pat Nye


Hello from Portland, Oregon from a former Clevelander. Hopefully this is worthy of a shirt - my favorite burger is my own Irish-themed creation. The base is ground corned beef held together with a bit of egg white. This is grilled over apple wood with plenty of smoke to close to medium doneness. Just before removing the patty from the grill it’s is covered with honey to create a glaze and then removed from the heat before it caramelizes. Next is a generous slice of white Irish cheddar, Walla Walla sweet onions caramelized in butter, and a Guinness reduction mayo on top. The bun is a toasted rye roll sized to fit the patty. Bacon is optional, I tried it but find it competes with the corned beef flavor.


Dustin Tucker

Dear Mike,

I live and grew up in cleveland as well. Congrats on the Beard award u deserve it. I have a suggestion that just popped in my head before i give u my burger creation. I live on the west side near w. 117th and madison. I actually live right above a new up and coming brewery( BUCKEYE BREWERY) and thought u should really look into getting a couple of their drafts in your bars. theyre your kind of people. they are on walford. ave., cleveand,OH. Ok my burger would be a big juicy 1/2 patty rare of course, with fries salami,banana peppers,lettuce,and spinich dip in place of sauces. i swear to u next time u eat a salami sandwich put some spinach dip on it muah! thank u Mike, for listenin and GO CAVS!!!!!

Jason P

The best burger starts with the meat. I am a fan of the 80/20 ration cooked just past medium rare. 6-8oz will do grilled. Place it on a warmed pretzel roll (gives it a nice texture and the flavor is outstanding).

Next, since I am a bit anal, the toppings, but they have to be in the right order. First right on the meat so that it melts a little, a healthy layer of sharp cheddar, next a couple strips of smoked bacon.

Next a layer of home made chili, then cover it all with some fresh cole slaw.

Finally to finish it off. A slice of dill pickle, white onion and then a good shot of steak sauce.

Next task is to wrap your mounth around this beast, but its worth it. The heartyness of the pretzel roll helps to keep it all together. Enjoy.

Marijane Raber

Chef Symon,
I have a small steak house near Cambridge, OH. We have created the "Den Burger" and are quite proud of it. It is an 8 oz. all natural patty (made from beef raised on my own farm), provolone and hot pepper cheeses, texas toothpicks and A-1 steak sauce served on a bun from our local bakery. It has been a huge hit since we took over the restaurant last June. We would LOVE for you to try it sometime!!!

Anthony Fuda

I am not sure if the contest is over, but here goes. My name is Anthony Fuda. I am in a group called the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board, and we review a different burger each month.

But for my favorite burger, it would have to be the bar/pub burger. I like a thick burger seasoned with garlic and with a dash of italian spices. I also like to add some minced onions in the beef before I grill the meat. Maybe put a little italian dressing on it while it is grilling. I prefer it to be cooked medium -- that way you can taste the flavor.
I like a toasted bun. A thicker bun-- not a thin 50 cent 8 pack of buns.
Then I would top it off with a nice piece of lettuce (green or red leaf), a nice sized beefsteak tomato, a vidalia onion slice ring, and a squirt of tangy mustard.
For my side I like a thick cut fry, and add my personal choice of a cup of cole slaw(grandma style.)
Then sit down, relax, crack open your favorite beer and enjoy avery tasty burger.

on a side note, my group MVBRB, would like to invite you to Youngstown to be a guest burger reviewer and one of our upcoming meetings.
if you are interested, please email me. it would be an honor to have you join us.

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SMSgt JC Burke

Please make this on Iron Chef!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xc5wIpUenQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Scott Carpenter 330-651-7773

Mr. Symon,

My beautiful wife, Alice, is the baby of 12 from a Hungarian Imigrant family that was raised on Steel St. in Y-Town. She has MD, is 44 yrs old, and a huge fan. We,(along with our 12yr old Daughter) have been to Lola's and were "blown away". Alice prides herself on her ability to prepare food. She has definite talents. It is one of the few remaining abilities that she can carry out. It would be remarkable if at some time she would have the honor to meet you. I would, of course, do anything possible to meet your difficult schedule demands.
Best regards, Scott Carpenter


What's the star of the show? The meat. And the bun is the leading lady. If these two things are right, they cover a multitude of evils otherwise.

I'm looking for a patty about 10 oz, and about 3/4 of an inch thick. Grilled. With a 15 to 20% fat content. As a purist, grilling is on charcoal. Salt and pepper, mayhap a little marinate mixed in with the meat (I like Stubbs, not too much, though). 2 minutes, rotate 45 degrees, 2 minutes, flip; Same on the other side except that when you flip, top it with some onions and garlic that have been sauteed in butter. Smoke chips added to the fire do not suck.

Bun? Bakery fresh seeded kaiser roll. Remember that butter the garlic and onion were sauteed in? Oh yeah, baby. Slice it, brush it, and toast it on the grill. Then brush it again when it comes off.

The burger comes off the grill medium, right on the bun. Top it with what you like. Fresh yellow tomato, Claussen brand pickle, boston lettuce, some thick cut bacon, smoked and peppered. Don't skimp if you put cheese on it, which means use something good - Mild cheddar goes nicely without taking over. And none of this wimpy yellow mustard. Spicy brown, thin spread.

Or whatever you like. It's the meat and bun that should shine here, and if they are right - things like a winter tomato can be forgiven. Get the meat and bun wrong - dude. You know that. Even with the best toppings people will be going "What the F...?"

I like it with some fresh cut yukon gold and reed potato fries, double fried, and a slightly hoppy summer ale in the summer, or a nice chocolately porter in the winter. Slice of warm pie and some ice cream for dessert. With a fresh cup of coffee.

Damn. Michael, I don't know about you, but I am starving now.

franco di blasi

I just finished watching an episode broadcast on Foodnetwork where some of my favorite chefs said is of Sicilian origin, Michael Symon, and this caused my great astonishment, as he prepared a dish that never you can get in the north and center Italy (Rome) as he himself said on the program. arancine are the southern Sicilian exactly, where michael says comes from (marsala) , how can anyone make a mistake like that? In central and northern Italy you can get something very similar called supli. as a son of a Sicilian, I felt insulted by such a mistake on national television


Michael, you absolutely gushed over the coconut fried chicken at Cha-Cha Chicken in Santa Monica. How about a link to their recipe, please? (I cannot find it anywhere)


Dear Mr. Symon,
I just finished watching an episode of Iron Chef America and you were battling against chef Johnson...You are Amazing!! All those dishes were made with utmost perfection and the originality of it all is just astonishing...I'm a Jamaican so I admire the spices that you frequently use in your dishes ^-^... Hopefully one day I'll have the honor of meeting you..but for now Foodnetwork will just have to do :) Keep doing a great job.

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