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May 05, 2009


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Congratulations, Chef! Ohio Awesome, REPRESENT!!


Cleveland thinks you F'n rock, too! Congrats! Two MVPs in one day for Cleveland - incredibly awesome.


Congratulations Chef!


wonderful honor for you - people like you make cleveland a great place to live!! thanks for your committment to local farmers and growers!!


Congratulations Chef!


Mucho Congrats!




I was waiting for you to post so I could congratulate you. Congrats Michael! Although I have never had the privilege of eating at your restaurants I know that the award is well deserved. Keep it up!


I am so happy for you, Chef! Congrats!

Jennifer Fritz

Congratulations Chef! I am so happy that you have received this award. You deserve it!


Congratulations! This is a wonderful accomplishment. Let's hope that your cookbook is up for an award in 2010.


what a magnificent smile! all i can say is, what took them so long?


They ran a story the other day on the news, and the three names that people are most likely to associate positively with Cleveland are: 1) LeBron James, 2)The Cleveland Clinic, and 3) Michael Symon.

So Cleveland thanks you, too.




On the same day that LeBron was named MVP, you won the JBS Best Chef Great Lakes. How sweet is that?

I love that you give due credit to all the folks who help you do what you do, including some who've moved on from your employ but are not forgotten.

And of course Liz gets the final mention, as well she should. Congrats to you both. This has been a long time coming...


Congrats Mike. It was a complete honor to meet you at the Jamison Farm Lamb dinner last night. It was completely FANTASTIC. Your staff did a helluva job(as usual) and it was a GREAT evening.


Big congrats from a Chicagoan -- there has not been a time that I was in Cleveland that I haven't eaten at one of your restaurants, and your win is very much deserved.


Congratulation Chef Symon :)

How awesome for you - AND it came from your peers.

PS If your assistant ever decides to move on - give me an email - happy to help :)


Kudos on your newest honor. I've been
a fan of yours since I went to a cooking
class you did at our local Heinens years ago.
We are very excited in Lorain county
that you are headed out this way soon.
I am a volunteer with the Avon Heritage
Duct Tape Festival which is June 19-21st
and we'd love to have you stop by to
promote your new restaurant in Avon Lake.
We have a Mardi Gras theme this year and
our parade is Saturday June 20th at 10a.m.
with Duct Tape Floats! We would LOVE to
have you come celebrate with us. Check us
out on our website at avonducttapefestival.com
We get national exposure and have between
33,000-40,000 visitors.


Congratulations Michael.

On a different subject, is your Milwaukee endeavor dead now that the Palomar seems to be dead too? If so that sucks. You could always find another space in Milwaukee. There are some great areas.

Michelle Venorsky

Could your smile be any bigger - You're bursting! Congrats again!


Live the dream Iron Chef!

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Stephen Holl

Well done Michael! You are on the map here in Sydney, Australia.

As an aside, I just watched the Battle of the Artichoke on the Iron Chef which is why I am on your site. I find Jeffrey Steingarten to be at the best and worst of times a wanker. I assume he can only be on that show for comic relief because it certainly is not for his constructive and knowledgeable criticism of the dishes. As a native Clevelander I found his off the cuff remark about the Halibut being dry possibly due to you being Greek or from Cleveland to be another one of his tasteless and unintelligent comments. A good Greek name for Jeffrey would be Oedipus.

Please feel free to pass my critique on to Jeffrey.

Congratulations on the award! Well done!

Ilan Justh

why did they remove you from DI and return to Mr. Irvine?

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