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May 05, 2009


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Ten thousand boats of congratulations, Chef! Certainly no less than you deserve. So sorry I'm late to the party (I've been busy watching ICA reruns).

This Indiana transplant can't wait till the next time you come to NYC to treat us with your cuisine. Please let us know in advance.


just wondering why the 6 person table min at the new place in Avon Lake. Lots of us do not go out in hoardes.....


Congratulations Chef...!
We are big fans of you here in Chi-town...

Wish you'd open a restautant here in our
old meat market district near Moto and Otom...


Congratulations Chef Symon!
Cleveland loves you! (or at least this clevelander thinks you rock!)

Mark T Beatty

Michael you deserve it. I really enjoy you cooking on food tv. You bring something that other don't, a great attitude to the kitchen. Do you still cook in your kitchen? I am planning a trip to your restaurant later this year and would love if you were actually cooking when I was there.


i want to cook somewhere nice you should hit me up ha


Congrats!! You are such a great addition to food network...and very sexy!! I would love to meet you!!

Jackie Ewing

Hey your blog caught my attention! You, sir chef, should send your recipes into this contest I know of. It’s coming to Cleveland on September 25-26th! I noticed your site and thought you would be interested. You could get great exposure for your recipes and meet celebrity cooks (Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson, Sara Moulton, or Cat Cora). All you have to do is go to healthyfoodfight.com to submit one of your healthy recipes. Deadline to sign up for Cleveland is September 8th so hurry! Good luck if you decide to enter, and if not, keep posting! :)

sandra otero

Congrats, Simon I will always admire you as a chef but I dont think you gave chef Pagan a fair chance, between the finalists today, chef Pagan was the best choice but the game has to be played and it is so obvious who the next iron chef will be, so sorry.

J. Wentworth

Hello!! Congrats!!!! :)

One request: I would like to get your book signed, my wife is totally in love with you... i think she loves you more than she loves our unborn chil, and myself together!!! I know that this is a long shot, but I thought I would ask. We agreed on not getting christmas presents for each other, but I got her your book (which I know she will love)... getting it signed would be the icing on the cake!... Well here goes nothing....!!

Thanks in advance :)

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I was at the James Beard Awards the other night it was great. Totally devoted to the fans.

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Congratulations. I wish you the best for this year!

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