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May 06, 2009


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So cool. Congrats 100x's over, you deserve it.


Right f*ckin on Mike! Congrats on the win.

David Kaysen

Chef, congratulations!!! Well deserved for a fabulous person. Coming from a proud father (soon to be Grandpa!!!) as you can see in picture #2. Gavin was super excited for you as are we.
All the best!


Wooo Hoooo! Congratulations Chef Michael! It's about time the world knows how much you rock!


Congrats chef, you are the best!



Bite Buff

You more than deserve this honor. Thanks for making Cleveland proud!


You cannot have a smile like Michael Symon and not be utterly enjoying life. Congratulations!

Howard Guyer

Salute! You are an inspiration to this aspiring cook. 59, retired and spreading the love through my food.

Don Murphy

Michael a BIG CONGRATS !! We are all proud that you call Cleveland home.

Cameron S.

Congrats, may your future be always fun and interesting. You look ecstatic. Well done. Nicely played.

Kimberlee Dahl

What a thrill for you! An amazing accomplishment to add to your resume. You should be Proud of yourself! Keep up the great work! You deserved the James Beard Award! (Hope to see more of you on FN soon!)
Kimberlee in Snowflake


Chef Symon, what a great month for you!! Congrats on the James Beard award! One of many to come, I assume!
I spoke to Chef Evans and he said you ran into each other at the Silver Spoon awards here in Cleveland and you had mentioned our table at Lola to him. LOL!! Congrats there too!
Cheers to continued success and happiness!


I am so proud of you but miss you terribly! See you at Lola on Saturday. I have so many stories for you :)

You're the best. Period.


Kat Teodosic

Michael!! Amazing - just wanted to give you congrats - PS im from detroit and in LA for the summer, and I am CRAVING and SO deprived of Roast. It is def in my top restaurants ever - no kidding - your sommelier, Joseph, is UNbelievably amazing. More to come on that!

Please come visit!

Michelle Anderson

Congrats on your award. Last year at Riverside Church you provided us with a secret ingredient for our in house iron chef competition. We here at Riverside are once again having an iron chef competition, but this year we are having it at Ronald McDonald house to provide a meal for the people that are residing there. We were wondering if you would again provide with a secret ingredient and if you would be interested in judging the event it would be a bright spot for the people that are there. I did not want to post the details on a public forum, so if you are intrested please contact me. Michelle ([email protected]) Riverside Church (riverside.typepad.com)

Pat C.

Congrats! What date is Bar Symon opening? Looking forward to it!

Angie S

Hey Chef,
Congrats, you certainly deserve the James Beard Award!

I have been trying to find out more about your new restaurants. When are they opening? I am excited, I can't wait to try them!

Kristen Pratt

Congrats Chef! I am way late on this...oops

It's so great to see someone with such passion and joy for what they do recieving praise for it, you don't often see that.

Best wishes in all you do.

Jen Gardner

Congratulations on your award, Chef Symon! I was hoping for a blog on your new restaurant, as this comment would be more appropriately posted there. I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Bar Symon in Avon Lake a couple of weeks ago. The food, the atmosphere, the wine list...everything was just superb.

I also had a chance to chat with your wife, who is a wonderful and gracious hostess. I was telling her that I am a native Clevelander, who moved away for a bit, but have since returned. It is always so refreshing to see Clevelanders who come back and do great things for this city, as you have certainly done. I'm sure you know and have heard this many times over, but your hometown is most grateful to you for expanding our palates and for providing us with new and exciting places to go.

All the best and I look forward to the opening of B Spot as well!


That is awesome. Congrats.

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Congaratulations to you Mr. Chef, you are the best, no one can beat you.. Keep up the good work and nice shot.. :D


Congrats, Chef Symon! You definitely deserve it.
I know this is such a lame attempt, but I just moved to FL and saw you're doing a cooking demonstration at the Apron's school here and it's closed and I want to attend SO badly! Can you get me in?? Ashlee - www.ashleescooking.blogspot.com

Heidi from Savory Tv

Congratulations, you look great! I love Nate Appleman as well, spoke with you both in Aspen!

PS would love a follow on Twitter! @savorytv


Hi Michael,
While waiting to use the computer at the library I happened across the Oct. issue of Mad Magazine. They had a section on cooking shows. Well, guess who is in one panel for Iron Chef? It was pretty obvious that you were the model.

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