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allegra baistrocchi

hello chef,
i just wanted to congratulate you on your win on iron chef. i'm a huge fan of the show, but since we don't have food network here in italy (really a shame, why the hell don't we?) i had to download the episodes, and so i just saw your win today. awesome job! i have to say that i was rooting for you all along! you have a bubbly personality and an infectuous laugh! i would love to come and visit your resautrant one day, to get to taste your great food. Especially because one of my favorite people in the world, my grandmother, was called carmen lola ... but i've always known her as lolita. and she was a foodie too! every birthday of hers we'd crack open a bottle of crystal and she's gobble up my canap├Ęs and we'd giggle about boys. sorry for the ramble, but your cooking (although extremely refined) reminds me of being with loved ones, and laughter, and i think there can be no better compliment for a chef! please let me know if you're ever in rome, as i'd love to meet you (and show you around!).
un bacio,


Well I have to say I was rooting for your from the very beginning. I first saw you on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and completely loved the food you were making for Mr. Bourdain and Mr. Ramone. Then I saw the website for The Next Iron chef and saw that you would be competing for the title, I was rooting for your from the get go. I hope sometime in the near future I get the chance to eat at one of your restaurants. I hope the best for you. And I myself Live to Cook.


From a graduate of Fairview in '89 who's now working in the wine bizz in midtown Manhattan- Michael, CONGRATS man! After a year of seemingly endless disappointments in the world of Ohio sports- you came out the champion in a bigger world- and gave me something to grin about to all these 'uber-palates' I see (and deal with) on a daily basis.

Course, all I needed to know was that you wrestled for Ed's, and I knew you were in like a dirty shirt.

CONGRATS MICHAEL ~ and thanks for giving me something to crow about here in Times Square. Freakin' Fantastic.

Chris Z.

Brian Torri

Your vid clip one here is in an unknown file format. Any chance anyone can help you get it into Windows Media or QuickTime? Thanks.


my parents took me to Lola to celebrate my 13th b-day. It was awesome, especially since Micheal Symon took a picture with me. I want to be a chef when I get older. Maybe I can work at Lola! Thanks for a great experience!


Justin, I am also 13. I will be 14 this are sooo lucky! I hope I can get to Lola soon. I also want to be a chef when I get older. Maybe someday we'll be working side by side on the line...or competing on a show like The Next Iron Chef..I also have friends interested in culinary school..standing up, the next generation of chefs!! lol

Great video clip Chef loved it.

Joe (GregoryGopher)

Chef, As a 50 YO Culinary student I have an opinion, You have risen to CULT hero status via Iron Chef and food network visability. This status is well earned! Your joy of cooking is so evident and your vision if a palate can be transposed to another sense is amazing. Michael you have opened my eyes to posibilities in cooking and an openness to accept change (like the imersion cooker. i have admired many Chefs but in my book ...ok so it's in a comic book format ! You are Superman. I never realized watching Iron Chef that you are a rarity able to joke and Laugh at and with the judges, No Kryptonite for you. Thanks for the pleasure you bring to my world.
ps I love the Cook to Live- Live to Cook Logo your team wore on the show,I'd love a tee like that !


Hi Michael,
I am so happy you won Iron Chef and I enjoy the Dinner Impossible series too. I can only imagine how truly stressful and difficult that is, but you always have a cheerful side that let's me know all will be well! I always look to see if you will be one of the chefs chosen on Iron Chef. It's so funny....I think I would love to cook, want to cook, but just don't! Ha! But I love watching cooking makes me think there's hope for me...if I just follow the directions! I appreciate your comment to the young people wanting to be a chef in one of your posts...that it's a lot of hard work, dedication and long hours, and has to be something one really wants to do. It make's me think of two phrases: "Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference" and "Some Succeed Because They Are Destined To - Most Succeed Because They are Determined To."
Well enough of that....but I really enjoy you and seeing you on your shows...Don't even know you, but you sure seem like a nice, genuine person. Take care and all the best to you and your future successes! A 52-yr old fan!


Wow...! I can only wonder how much you must enjoy your life at the moment! I am fully enjoying watching Dinner Impossible (I love watching you make creme breule) Just like justin i am 13 and would love to dine at Lola. Cooking seems like a good path to choose.

Although i am un-noticed it still feels good to think you might actually read this


Mike Simon is GOD


I'll never forget how nice and awesome you were to Wayne, John, and myself( Kathy) when we came to your house to pack your belongings up. Having Ozzy follow us while we packed from room to room was just fun. Sorry to hear about Mable! I wanted you and Michael to know that after having the experience of meeting you I wanted to try out Lolita's. Sunday, May 3 was my birthday and my husband Barney and I went there. There's no words to explain how great the resturant is. From the service, the food... I've never seen such a beautiful restroom. And it was just spotless. Between you,Michael, and all employees thank you so much. Kathy


Absolutely adore you, Michael. Hope to see you in Aspen for F&W!

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